I Keep Thinking I'll Leave This Alone For A Bit

Read this thread because this is happening EVERYWHERE: https://t.co/ynGkBklbE7— Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) March 13, 2020
I keep finding I can't.  Yes, read the thread; it's pretty scary.

Odd personal note no one needs to believe because let's face it, you don't know me:  but I know Karlie Kloss.  Well, I did.  She's my daughter's age, and in seminary she and my daughter attended the same day care on the seminary campus.  I worked there, part-time; chances are I met Karlie Kloss' dad, but I don't remember.  They wouldn't remember us, either, but:  small world, and all that.  So there's my six degrees of Kevin Bacon to this story:
Sweet Jesus. We’re all going to die. https://t.co/zhDkUceTZn— Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) March 13, 2020
Well, that and I think about how I knew Karlie Kloss as a three-year old whenever I come across her name.
I mean, you COULD go to CDC, NIH, etc, but hey... https://t.co/NfcdqneLh6— Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) March 13, 2020
Meanwhile, that recession is coming on strong:
NEW: Delta Airlines will reduce its flight capacity by 40% for the next four months due to the coronavirus pandemic.https://t.co/JR5yWaXb0l— Axios (@axios) March 13, 2020
Yeah, this is not going to end well:
I get the sense that this is not only the low point of the Trump presidency but the low point of the American presidency ever. Has any president ever been this overmatched by a crisis?— David Brooks (@nytdavidbrooks) March 13, 2020
Trump has another press conference today.  At least he's waiting until the markets close for the weekend.
House Dem leadership still uncertain how Rs will vote on coronavirus bill, but “clock is ticking.” Dems may just try to pass it on suspension. If that doesn’t work, then Dems will go back to Rules & pass it themselves— John Bresnahan (@BresPolitico) March 13, 2020
I'm still unsure:  is the Senate in recess for the weekend, or not?  It's pretty clear McConnell doesn't know whether to shit (on Trump), or go blind (by backing Trump's play).

Yeah, we're screwed.